Greetings from Buchheit Logistics

Many of you familiar with us have picked up on our new brand. As the market has evolved, we have been able to customize our offerings, based on our customers’ needs. We have become proficient at many things needed to be successful in our industry. Hours of service, CSA, warehouse management, benchmarking, and other logistics capabilities… but rebranding? Isn’t that something that is done by advertising and marketing executives in mahogany paneled offices in big cities, I thought. However, with some help from our friends, in the industry, I found it was necessary, even here in Southeast Missouri, to reintroduce Buchheit Trucking Service, after 80 years, as Buchheit Logistics Inc.

We found many of you know us differently, from each of your respective standpoints. To some, we are your primary freight transporter, responsible for on-time, dependable deliveries of bulk materials and finished goods; to others, we are a specialized transporter, offering unique capabilities and excess transport capacity during peak or problematic times. Then, to some others we are your finished goods warehouseman, reverse logistics provider or inventory control provider. Additionally, there are some of you who know us as material handlers, transloading materials from different transport modes (barge, rail or trucks), re-packagers, labelers and specialized product handlers. Then, there are some of you who just call us for ideas on special projects. So who are we, really?

Buchheit Logistics is an asset-based logistics company operating a large fleet of tractor-trailers. We manage nearly one million square feet of full-service warehousing and provide unique solutions to customer needs around the country.

So while we have been working on rebranding, we want you to know Buchheit Logistics Inc. will continue to go “Miles Beyond Expectations” for each and every one of our customers – this is our promise to you.

With future communications, we will bring you more information about our industry and capabilities, which will be helpful as you consider your business objectives. With over 400 years of logistics and management experience, we are confident we can design a solution for your specific logistics objectives.

Best Wishes,
Ron D. Gjerstad
President Buchheit Logistics



The Power toget you there

Yes, we’ve logged a few miles since our humble beginnings with one man and one truck. That one man, his dreams, his hard work and dedication to serving his community and customers has become the foundation for a modern network of logistics services. Whether you simply need a load of freight moved across town or a full distribution network, Buchheit Logistics has you covered.


Full Service Asset Based Logistics

From the transportation of raw materials to finished good and everything along the way, when you need the right products at the right place at the right time, Buchheit Logistics has you covered.



• Bulk Pallet Storage

• Packaging

• Pick & Pack

• Cross Dock

• Customer Transportation Solutions

• Consolidation

• Reverse Logistics Management

• Co-packing

• Spot Truck Capacity for Peak Season Shipping

• Certified Scale

• Import/Export

• Transloading

• Automated Inventory Reports

• Intermodal Drayage

• Rail and Barge trans-loading

• Full Service Warehousing

Facility Locations

• Scott City MO Corporate Office

• Morehouse MO

• Sikeston, MO

• Tamaque, PA

• Carlyle, IL

• Perryville, MO