Our Awards

As a premier logistics company in Southeast Missouri, Buchheit Logistics takes delight in the many awards our drivers regularly receive.

Missouri Trucking Association’s

2021 Safety Director of the Year

Every year, with the aid of judges from the Missouri state highway patrol and the Missouri Department of Transportation, the trucking industry of Missouri honors one safety professional who has contributed significantly to highway safety through leadership and participation in company, industry and public safety programs. The Safety Director of the Year award recognizes a person from within the trucking industry, who has dedicated their professional life to the goal of improved highway safety. This person is one of the hundreds of trucking industry safety professionals in Missouri, whose experience, expertise and dedication save lives and make a difference every single day.

Each of these highly trained safety professionals work daily with drivers, organized law enforcement, and the general public, as well as through MoTA’s Council of Safety Supervisors, to help reduce crashes and the loss of lives on our highways. Every one of these safety professionals is deserving of recognition, but each year, the Missouri Trucking Association selects one of them to be honored. The selected individual was nominated by their peers and judged on their merits by an impartial panel of judges.

2019 Employer of Veterans Award

2022 Nominated Best Fleet to Drive For