Meet the Fleet

Our drivers know they can always contact their Fleet Manager, no matter what time of day. When you work with Buchheit Logistics, you’re more than just a number – you’re a part of a family company.

Meet the End Dump Fleet

Our end dump trailers haul pretty much everything other than scrap metal. Our over the road drivers are not like most who drive coast to coast. Our driver-friendly routes have attracted drivers because they stay between Denver, Colorado and Buffalo, New York.

The Buchheit Logistics End Dump Fleet has a number of features that set us apart from other fleets in the region.

  •  We have integrated electric tarps, so our drivers don’t have to get out of their trailer to manually open or close the tarp.

  •  Our trailers have vibrators on the floors so when we haul sticky products like feed, it will shake, and the product will break loose for ease and simplicity when unloading.

  •  We utilize top-tier industry mobile communication systems, in addition to Driver Scorecards, fuel efficiency software and GPS tracking. Plus, we have our own internal system to ensure clear communication on all fronts.


Meet the Hopper Bottom Fleet

Hopper bottom trailers are designed to haul heavy bulk materials for used in both the industrial & agricultural applications. These trailers are best used when material needs to be unloaded into an opening on the ground.

The Buchheit Logistics Hopper Bottom Fleet has a number of features that set us apart from other fleets in the region.

  • Our trailers have completely automated electric doors and tarps. All trailers also include air gauges, so their weight is as accurate as possible.

  • Unlike anyone else in the industry, our hopper bottoms are equipped with dust-control tarps that allow us to haul a wider variety of freight.

Meet the Van Fleet

Van trailers are designed to transport equipment and boxes or pallets of cargo. Our van drivers drive late model trailers with the necessary equipment they need to do their job well.

The Buchheit Logistics Van Fleet has a number of features that set us apart from other fleets in the region.

  • We provide a family of diversified trucking experts who are constantly available for our drivers and partner companies.

    Who are we looking for?

    Buchheit Logistics is looking for drivers who show up and do their job the right way. We want drivers who want to work and communicate effectively, on and off the road. If you’re looking to be a part of something bigger, with the flexibility you and your family need, Buchheit Logistics is for you. We can’t wait to meet you.