We are a logistics leader serving up solutions for the bulk freight sector throughout the Midwest.

What sets us apart from other bulk trucking companies is the size and age of our fleet.  Our company owned fleet of 55 trucks, 31 being end dumps, are on track to have an average age of 2.4 years by years end well below the industry average of 3.9 years.  Our capacity is furthered another 80% with our fleet of dedicated owner operators.  We are not just a freight company, we are a fully integrated logistics company with routes throughout North America.

As a supplier of sand, aggregates, fertilizer or other bulk materials, you might consider bulk freight companies based on their cost. However, when comparing and choosing the best bulk trucking company, it is important to consider a number of other factors as well such as timeliness and reliability. Are they committed to ensuring on-time and safe delivery? What other assets do they provide to make them the better solution to your logistics needs?

We have a fleet of new, modern trucks and end dump trailers that are reliable and secure. We track all of our shipments through GPS, allowing us to deliver your bulk shipments on time, and in a safe manner.

Our staff of dedicated professionals has the experience and skill set needed to make sure that your shipments are delivered safely. So contact Buchheit Logistics today to learn how we can become your bulk logistics provider.

Call today and let us design a customized freight solution to fit your needs and take you miles beyond expectations.



  • Our fleet of 39 frameless aluminum end dumps ready to tackle all your bulk transportation needs.

  • Our fleet has optional back control flow technology. This enables a smaller, more precise unload when needed.

  • Our highly trained drivers operate our fleet of end dumps, with each driver having at least 5 years of experience.