Company Awards

Missouri Trucking Association’s

2021 Safety Director of the Year

Every year, with the aid of judges from the Missouri state highway patrol and the Missouri Department of Transportation, the trucking industry of Missouri honors one safety professional who has contributed significantly to highway safety through leadership and participation in company, industry and public safety programs. The Safety Director of the Year award recognizes a person from within the trucking industry, who has dedicated their professional life to the goal of improved highway safety. This person is one of the hundreds of trucking industry safety professionals in Missouri, whose experience, expertise and dedication save lives and make a difference every single day.

Each of these highly trained safety professionals work daily with drivers, organized law enforcement, and the general public, as well as through MoTA’s Council of Safety Supervisors, to help reduce crashes and the loss of lives on our highways. Every one of these safety professionals is deserving of recognition, but each year, the Missouri Trucking Association selects one of them to be honored. The selected individual was nominated by their peers and judged on their merits by an impartial panel of judges.

2019 Chairman of the Board

Vice President Jeff Buchheit was recognized as 2019 Chairman of the Board for the Missouri Trucking Association! Thank you Missouri Trucking Association and Great work Jeff!!

2016 Fleet Safety Award

Buchheit Logistics was presented with the 2016 Fleet Safety Award in the “Over the Road, 2.5 to 5 Million Miles” category from the Missouri Trucking Association.  The Award was presented at the Annual Safety Conference to Brad Redden, Director of Safety from Susan Bryant of Great West Casualty Company.

Chairman’s Safe Driving Club

At the Missouri Trucking Associations Annual Safety Conference 49 Buchheit Logistics drivers along with drivers from our Retail and Ag divisions were the recipients of the Chairman’s Safe Driving Club award.  This award is presented to drivers who have been with their employer for a minimum of three years with no accidents or adverse road-side inspections.  Receiving the certificates is Jeff Buchheit from Rose Kastrup, Missouri Trucking Association Safety Council Chairperson.

Great West Casualty Company Award

Buchheit Logistics was presented a Platinum award by Great West Casualty Company as part of the 2015 National Safety Awards Program. The National Safety Awards program recoginzes motor carriers in similar operations (truckload and less than truckload) with awards based on their year-end preventable crash results. Carriers are eligible to recieve a Platinum, Silver or Participatory award. This past year, the National Safety Awards program drew over 675 participants from across the country.
Receiving the award on behalf of Buchheit Logistics is Director of Safety Brad Redden from Great West Insurance Representative Mike Bohon along with Eric Hasty and Jeff Buchheit

Buchheit Logistics Wins the Great West Safety Award from the Missouri Trucking Association