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What’s Happening at Buchheit Logistics



Buchheit Logistics, Inc. always has training and continuous improvement at the forefront of our business. We implement training and educational programs for our warehousemen, maintenance technicians, drivers and our support staff. It truly is this ongoing training continuum that keeps our team sharp and able to provide unsurpassed customer service.

Management is also involved in learning, studying and discussing the ever-changing regulatory, economic and customer requirements that are contemplated, considered or mandated for our industry. Additionally, we invest in studying other industries and businesses for best practices in customer service and ways to improve the customer experience. A recent transportation forum I attended was chock-full of trends we can anticipate in the transportation side of our logistics program.

Economists are entertaining folks I think. It’s purely the numbers and what those numbers say will happen going forward. Most will not discuss the impact of political or geopolitical events on those numbers, and, who can blame them?  No one can predict when or what will have an effect. The economists I have listened to state that everything will continue at the current subdued growth rate of +/- 2.5% for the near term, however, exposure for an “unprecedented historic event” is very high in the next 2 – 4 years. Past historic events would include the dot-com bubble, sub-prime mortgage crisis, the automobile manufacturing meltdown and such. It was an interesting statement, which has stuck with me.

The comments were quite positive in an otherwise uncertain time. We’re in the 7th year of this economic recovery that began in June of 2009. Jobs are increasing, inflation is non-existent, vehicles and their component manufacturing are the current growth story. Stocks, while volatile, are still at all-time highs; at least they were when I attended the seminar.

Through all of this, Transportation companies have had quite a journey; high volumes and high demand. While there is more slack in truck capacity currently, two comments from the experts resound.

  1. There is shipper flight-to-quality, stable and consistent carriers.
  2. Truck capacity is not really the deal. Sophisticated solution providers win!

I left that summit more convinced than ever the Buchheit Logistics is in the forefront as a leading logistics service provider that you should consider for your next contract renewal. As you have read in our earlier posts, Buchheit has an 81-year history and a leadership team with over 400 years’ experience.  We are continuing to grow, learn and add new solutions to provide our clients with a seamless experience that solves problems every day. Our driving team is highly recognized for their professionalism and safety as evidenced by having the most recognized safe drivers in Missouri the last two years. Our warehouse group excels at customer service.

As to number two above, we don’t consider ourselves sophisticated, but as a highly successful team at providing consistent results, we eagerly look forward to helping solve an issue for you and your company.

Call me, and I will join you with the trucking or warehousing team member that can best solve your challenge.

Ron Gjerstad



Industry Trends

Value added logistics fulfillment for internet ordering is a demanding logistics space, and Buchheit is providing excellence to this sector as well as those we have discussed before. We have recently initiated a fulfillment agreement for a multi-national organization filling orders for people and businesses around the globe. These services are quick moving, technologically advanced processes that guarantee timeliness and accuracy at all times. Another example of providing services Miles Beyond Expectation.



This and That

Great fanfare continues to be generated by the autonomous truck, which I discussed in my last update.  (Insert) I’m not convinced that I will see driverless trucks plying the highways and byways of our great Country any time soon.  But the innovations coming out of the experimenter’s efforts could have some significant outcomes. We’ve seen some in cars, nearby vehicle warnings and more. But these have not been available on the big rigs. Technological advancements coming down the road due to this research will allow trucking to become ever more safe, even given Trucking’s already stellar safety history. Some examples include collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control, telematic sensors automatically communicating safety data between vehicles and drivers, camera packages to view and initiate a safe response to vehicles in blind spots. We have not come up with our “Tang moment” yet, as they did during the space race of my youth, but the advances in safety technology will surely be awesome.

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