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March 2015 -Buchheit Logistics Connection

What’s happening at Buchheit

Excellence in our business encompasses the numerous phases of Logistics.  With our asset based model for warehousing and trucking, opportunities abound for continuing improvement. Our highest priority of the innumerable opportunities for progress remains our long standing commitment to safety.  I hear much about that as I travel and meet our client companies, many of you too rank safety as a primary core competency expected from your 3PL providers.

In our warehouse fulfillment operations Pat Adams joined us a year ago and has brought with him a lengthy and successful warehouse management background.  He has helped Buchheit Logistics implement new processes and procedures in our facilities that have greatly improved the operations, efficiency and safety of our warehouse team and customer products.  Working with our I.T. team, they have also automated our inventory tracking methodology for more accurate and up-to-date information flow to our customers and staff.

On the trucking side where our visibility is high in our community and around the country, we continue to enhance the safety of our operators, equipment and processes.  The entire staff contributes to this success.  A serious and professional maintenance staff assures that our equipment is ready for the dispatch at hand; which, not only improves the safety of our operators, but also of the public with whom we share the road.  Our warehouse team is diligent in the proper loading, weight distribution, and load securement required for the safe ride of your products.  As management, we continually look for new or better ways to reinforce and reward safety as a pillar of our culture.  However, none of this would be effective were it not for the high caliber of operators we are fortunate to have on our team.  I’d like to take this opportunity to share a bit of that.

Buchheit is a strong supporter of the Missouri Trucking Association.  As with most state Associations, ours is very active in legislative, education, safety and image efforts.  Within the Association, Buchheit has flourished as an example of continuing improvement in safety.  Our safety efforts are led by Bruce Aden, Safety Director who was honored as Safety Director of the year in 2012.  With Bruce’s leadership our safety program has grown to be an integral part of our culture.

During 2014, Buchheit recognized one of our top drivers each month.  Consideration for this recognition includes safe driving tenure, no tickets or CSA violations and exemplary customer service.  Those recognized include operators from our four fleets, hoppers, dumps vans and flatbeds; owner operators and company drivers.

Additionally, the best of the best were nominated for consideration as Missouri’s top drivers.  In order to be considered one of the state’s best drivers, operators must meet extensive safety qualifications.  Buchheit was honored to have 4 of the 12 top drivers of the month in our state for 2014.  These gentlemen and their families were honored at the Missouri Trucking Association’s annual Safety Banquet this past January.  While we were not honored with the top driver of the year for our state at this ceremony, I would say that the credentials of these 4 drivers, and our entire driving team rank among the best of the best, in Missouri and throughout the driving community.  Among their accomplishments were, over 10 million safe miles, 85 years of quality customer service, and leadership activities outside our industry in their communities.

What this means for you is that you can be assured that when your products are with our Buchheit team, it will be handled correctly, delivered safely and intact, with timely precision.  That is what has kept Buchheit Logistics growing and at the forefront of our industry for 81 years.  A quality team of professional technicians, focused on safety, continuous improvement and the integrity that is Buchheit Logistics.

We invite you to call any of our team members to find out how Buchheit Logistics can design a custom solution for your logistics challenges.  And please say hi to our drivers when they stop by your dock.  You’ll see firsthand the Buchheit difference.

Industry news

The distance in Texas between areas under flooding watch to the areas of severe draught are not very far apart.  Yet, the consequences of both are dramatic.  The winter weather is transferring to the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.  Road closures, river ice jams and high water will have a significant impact on our inland waterways and ports.  Flood warnings stretch from Michigan to Texas and East to Pennsylvania.  Anticipated warming should allow these challenges to pass quickly, and hopefully with minimal damage.

We just returned from the Truckload Carriers annual conference held in Kissimmee, FL.  Having recently shoveled snow from our driveways and truck lots, Florida was welcomed relief.  The news we heard was consistent.  Some highlights include;

  • The shortage of drivers continues to affect the confidence level of shippers.
  • In an effort to improve driver home time together with increasing congestion and regulation, truck utilization is shrinking from historical norms.
  • Driver friendly freight is key. Trailer pools at shippers that will preload keep the drivers moving.  Relay loads between drivers to allow the driver’s schedule to be met.
  • Large shippers improving reload opportunities to keep trucks moving their products a greater percentage of the time.
  • Contrary to current trends, shippers with improved payment terms find improved access to a more consistent supply of carriers.
  • Forward projections predict a driver shortage of 240,000 drivers by 2022. That’s not too long!
  • While peak demand has declined since the second quarter peak last year, significant volume even with today’s slow growth US economy exists to keep carriers busy going forward.

Cautiously optimistic, is how I would characterize most transport professional conversations now days.  If the Government does not get too much more burdensome, and we are allowed to do what we do well, the logistics industry will continue to provide high level solutions with greater efficiencies.


Will 3D printers drastically change our world? It appears so, people will be able to “print”parts at home, as smaller printers become available. Imagine the repairman needing a part for your washer, going out to his van and “prints” the part right there.  That will surely change the dynamics at large parts distribution networks?
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