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July 2015 -Buchheit Logistics Connection

What’s happening at Buchheit


Buchheit Logistics, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of approximately 50,000 square feet of full service warehousing is being added to our logistics offerings.  This significant addition to our portfolio furthers our strategic plan offering comprehensive logistics solutions to our clients throughout the US and abroad.  This space is located in Cape Girardeau County, near our Scott City, Missouri headquarters.  This footprint enables us expand our full array of logistics services that we have become known for which is a “can do” attitude and staff committed to customer service, miles beyond expectation.

nash road sign

Additionally, our trucking fleet continues an aggressive update campaign, and our new equipment for this year has been rolling in.  Tractors and trailers updating and adding to our Van, hopper, dump and flatbed fleets are already paying dividends of improved performance for us, our drivers and for you, our valuable customers.  Several innovations have been added to our fleet, as you will find in further communications.   Lighter trailers for increased payloads, aerodynamics for sustainability, and our well trained, professional driver team that gets the job done.

I could not send out this note to you without shouting about the successes our driver team has accomplished.  Every month individuals from various agencies select the month’s top driver within the state, for the Missouri Trucking Association.  We are all ecstatic that so far this year, the drivers of the month for the first four months of the year are all Buchheit team members.  A remarkable feat considering the size of some of the companies involved.  We salute these outstanding professionals.

Industry tends

Much ado has been made about autonomous vehicles, those without drivers, especially Daimler Freightliners maiden voyage of an autonomous truck in Nevada last month.  While it was a short trip, and a driver was at the controls the entire time, it was the first ever automated truck on the US highway system.  A curious phenomenon that many trumpet as the driverless truck, which wasn’t.  However the “Autonomous Truck” taken with the often accompanying discussion around Platooning, where trucks basically draft behind one another, offers a glimpse of a trucking future that may remake the industry in the future.

Really this is just a new presentation of decades old knowledge.  A transportation engineer in the early 70’s said the most efficient method of truck transportation was what we now call triples.  Slow the trucks down, and let them pull 3 or 4 (at that time 45’) trailers on the Interstate system.  We’ve slowed down the trucks, but too much politics and special interests have prevented that longer combinations in most states.

Platooning is similar, and could hold a place for an autonomous truck as number two or three, with a highly skilled operator controlling them all.

This and that

This and that

I recently read a copy of Ruth Fruehauf’s book celebrating last year’s centennial of the invention of the semi-trailer.  Building a trailer to haul a boat, rather than using horse and wagon as was normal on 1914, August Fruehauf modified a Model T roadster with a coupling attached to the frame for the project.  Wouldn’t you know it – Henry Ford told Fruehauf that those modifications would void his warranty.  Being a semi, there was no front trailer axle, the front of the trailer rested on the roadster on what later was developed into today’s fifth wheel.  As Fruehauf said in those early days, “you can pull more than you can carry”.   Here at Buchheit, we’re still pulling for you over 100 years later.  Ron

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