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Celebrating Hard Work

We at Buchheit Logistics have been working hard and celebrating a lot along the way!
We have so much to celebrate! Earlier this year we had our annual open house and invited our friends, customers and community leaders to “our house”. We had a great and well attended open house, with visitors from all across our town, county and state, as well as several states removed. We really appreciated seeing our friends who traveled to attend, from Colorado, Minnesota and Indiana to name a few. One of the highlights was our “No-Zone” tractor trailer display, which many had an opportunity to view. And for those of you who weren’t able to come we missed you and hope you can come next year; and plans are already underway so expect it to be bigger and better. There will be more to come.
Shortly after that, we attended the Missouri Trucking Association Safety Conference. You have likely heard me say how honored we were in 2014 to have 4 of the 12 safest drivers at the Missouri Recognition Dinner, and we were! 2015 was even more awesome as Buchheit Logistics had 7 of the 12 safest drivers at the annual event. We celebrated the operators with their families as all of the drivers were honored for their daily attention to safety and sharing the road. Great men and women work in this field, and I am pleased to be able to work them all.
Not long after that conference, we attended the State Association’s Truck Driving Rodeo. We took several of our top operators to this driving skills competition held in Springfield, MO. Those who take top honors at the state championships go to the National Championship competition in Indianapolis this August. While we did not earn a slot to the Nationals, we did bring home a couple of individual trophies of which we are very proud. Again the team at Buchheit, and their families are what makes this such a great place to work. Super people exhibiting superior skills, who are just fun to be around.
That is not to say we have not been working hard while these events have been occurring. Numerous new solutions have been initiated within our warehousing and trucking core business this year that have helped clients from our area and beyond with challenges to their logistics networks. We have helped our customers eliminate pinch points and substandard services in areas they want smoothed out.
Celebrating hard work. Our team does that. That was the title I offered at the beginning of this message. Buchheit Logistics works hard for you and we celebrate our people and our successes along the way. Let’s talk the next time you have a problem in your logistics network. We’ll work hard to design a solution for you, that is Miles Beyond Expectation.
Until next time,
Ron Gjerstad

This and That
I thought you had me because of something I said!  Last year I stated in one of these columns, that I didn’t expect to see autonomous trucks platooning around here anytime in the near future.  However, Missouri’s state legislators surprised me!  Legislation was passed this year to allow MoDOT to create a pilot program for Platooning.  In this era of not passing legislation, Missouri Legislators in both the House and the Senate, decided this was an area they wanted to lead in.  You could knock me over with a feather.  But so it is with House Bill 1733 that would have operated within the 200 miles of I-70 billed as a “laboratory of innovation”.  But, no worries yet, the Governor vetoed the autonomous truck bill.  More fallout from the Tesla fatal accident, they say.  So my prediction still stands.  That was close!

And Trends
Get Your Kicks on Route 66 – Bobby Troup’s 1946 Rhythm and Blues standard gets renewed power – solar power that is. Solar Roadways, an Idaho based company intends to cover an undetermined length of Route 66 with road-ready solar panels. “It goes from St Louis down to Missouri, … Get your kicks on Route 66.” Read more here –

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